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Mi 2S Intelligent Air Purifier / Sterilizer / Filtering System With Smartphone APP Control


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Description:  Think about the importance of breathing clean unpolluted air at home. Today more than ever the quality of our air keeps decreasing with each...

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Think about the importance of breathing clean unpolluted air at home. Today more than ever the quality of our air keeps decreasing with each passing year causing a number of respiratory health such as asthma and lung infections caused by allergic reaction to allergens floating in the air such as mold spores, pollen particles, smog, dust mites, pets dander among many others. The Xiaomi Mi 2S Air Purifier removes 99.97% of common pollutants using its HEPA triple Antimicrobial filter system that eliminating airborne pollens and dust particles. Eliminate harmful pollutants and offensive odors and Keep the air inside your house clean and fresh with the help of the Xiaomi Mi 2S. This unit is very affordable and you can get it at a fraction of the price compared to other major brands in the market. Get it today and have it shipped free to your home.

* New Upgrade OLED screen accurate display real-time PM2.5 concentration, temperature and humidity, Wi-Fi connection and working mode, at any time, to master indoor air quality changes.
* The standard mode of purification capacity up to 330 cubic meters per hour, the purification area can be up to 23.1 - 39.6 square meters.
* Double fan four wind circulation system, can effectively clean air circulation to sites throughout the whole house.
* Produces nearly 10000 liters of clean air per minute.
* Smartphone remote control and alerts, Real-time air quality monitor and auto speed control.
* Working modes: Automatic mode, sleeping mode, high-speed mode, timing mode, etc.
* Three layers of activated carbon HEPA filter, the filter removes 99.99 percent of PM2.5 particles, can effectively adsorb of formaldehyde, removal of the second-hand smoke, dust.
Automatic screen brightness adjustment, night without interruption Xiaomi Air purifier 2S light sensor, will automatically perceive the ambient light changes, the screen will adjust the shading. At night, let you not affected by the light source, peace of mind good sleep.
High precision laser sensor, more sensitive, more accurate let Xiaomi air purifier 2S can see small to 0.3μm size of the micro-world, instantaneously accurate reflection of air quality.

Model Number:
 2018 Xiaomi Air Purifier 2S
Noise: ≤50dB
System Type: Smart Air Purifier and Sterilizer Filter
Formaldehyde Removal Rate: 99.20%
Type: Multi-Layer Filtration and Purification Technology
Usage Condition: Household
Fan Speed: Four
Oxygen Supply: Below 1L/min
Brand Name: Xiaomi
Function: Air Filtration
Benzene Removal Rate: 99.90%
Installation: Portable
Voltage (V): 100-240V
Anion Density: 1000000pcs/m³
Power Source: Electrical
Power (W): 30W
Capacity (CFM): 310m3/h
Air Volume: 301-400m³/h
Application area: 41-60㎡
Power Supply: Alternating Current
Certification: CCC
Application: 40 square meters
Size: 52*24*24cm
Color: White
Wireless network: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
Functions Display: LED screen

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